6 Best Melbourne Live Music Places

Do you live in Melbourne? Are you a musician who likes live performances? Are you simply a music lover who enjoys watching live music? If yes is your answer then you definitely need to check out Melbourne Live Music. This is just the dream city for you. There are a variety of places you can catch live performances within the city. You can even be spoilt for choices. Your music experience in Melbourne can be made easier and more memorable if only you know exactly where and what type of gig is being carried out.

A list of the places where you can enjoy Melbourne Live Music includes:

1. The Curtin

If you miss and is in need of the old high school musical vibe, then this is the place for you. Get to watch live gigs from younger bands. The performances also get bigger as you go on into the night.

2. The Worker’s Club

The club is also known for young band performances especially on Sundays. It is a good place to enjoy electronic and surf rock live music.

3. The Northcote Social Club

The club is known for hosting a long running live music event in which underground artistes are given opportunity to showcase their talents. If you have always been looking out for a platform to showcase your music to a live audience, this is where you need to be.

4. The Gasometer Hotel

This is a regular spot where live band performances even in the middle of the week are quite usual. It is the place for electronic and more chilled music.

5. The Tote

This is Melbourne’s rock and punk joint. It has performances from both local and international artistes. It is the best place for such events and it has been hosting them for years.

6. The Toff

This place is known for hosting live indie gigs. Better still, it has a tradition called The Midnight Express that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

Melbourne Live Music simply has something for everyone out there.

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