Live Music in Melbourne From A to Z

Melbourne, situated in the Victoria State in Australia, with a population of almost 4.5 million, is the second-most populated city in the country. It is a city brimming with culture and life. It is also famous for their live music scene! This town is the host to 62,000 live concerts annually, officially making it become one of the world’s live music capitals! You can find great live music every night of the week in Melbourne, with concerts and in-house bands with a variety of genres, including rock, dance, jazz, and pop. The wide range of clubs and constant parties with different themes cater to individuals of all ages. Ranging from raves to classy live music with an open bar, it attracts music lovers from all around the world. It is also the nation’s music capital.



The live music scene in Melbourne started at The Esplanade Hotel, one of the largest and most prestigious 19th-century hotels in the state. It served as the stage for a variety of style all through the 20th century. Between the years 1920 and 1925, it became a prominent venue for jazz and dance. The 1970s turned the hotel’s Gershwin Room into a disco, featuring a Fever-style dance floor on Saturday Night . It also mainly became a host to rock-related acts and continues to serve as a setting for live music in Australia. This puts it as the longest unceasingly running live music scene in the country!

Many things have changed since then, however Melbourne is still considerd to be nation’s music capital and more and moe music lovers come here eery year to enjoy live concerts and music festivals. If you are one of them and would like to find as many live music events as you can, we would recommend you to visit th following links for more information: